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A documentary movie about Arduino

Here’s a really interesting documentary devoted to Arduino project. It explains how the idea began and why its creators decided to spread it out freely. There are also demonstrations of some smart devices based on Arduino.

You can watch it on the Arduino Documentary page in english (except for some spanish snippets, english subbed) or spanish verion.

Puff – The Magic Firefighter

This is Puff, Magic Fire Fighting Dragon

Puff consists of:

  • Arduino
  • chassis and two motors
  • servo moving its head
  • motor with a fan
  • two photoresistors as fire detectors

The result? Autonomic robot (this means, controlled only by software from Arduino) detecting fire (this means, a bright light) and trying to put it out. It recognizes edges (to not fall down) and obstacles (to avoid it).

Here we have an example of panic mode, when it didn’t succeeded to quench the fire:

Puff is a developmental project, you can monitor the progress on Let’s Make Robots.

Secret keylock – with Arduino

I’ve seen many electronic keylocks, but this project is probably unique :)

In a nutshell – Arduino listens to knocking on a door and, if you are knocking with a specific rhythm, then it unlocks the door. Along with this, a simple method of learning the new cipher and it’s finished :)

If someone is interested, the details can be found on ArduinoFun a blog – code, diagrams, etc.

SelFly – from the space by glider

SelFly is an interesting (IMO) project of an autonomic (with autopilot) glider which will, elevated to a high altitude (about 30 km) with a weather balloon return home on its own. Good base for further experiments.

All the more I was glad it’s Polish, domestic production :) . I hope the entire project will succeed. Maybe this success would encourage more people to implement their own (sometimes a little crazy, but by that fantastic) ideas.

And this information is here because what will control the glider? Of course – you have guessed – Arduino.

Have you got any Cray soft in your drawer?

Chris Fenton, an electronics engineer living in NYC is making various DIY projects in his free time, such as notebook based on Picaxe uC (v1 and v2). These project aren’t always very sensible :), because who really needs this notebook, but have pretty high educational value. While reading article about 2-stage light gas gun (for obvious reasons, ended with an explosion ;) – so it’s worth reading to find out why), a quote caught my eye:

My Mom actually made me collect all of the pieces, lay them out, and try to root-cause the failure. Whatever happened to just grounding someone?!

Cool mom – making to root cause analysis.


Cray-1 (C) by

But, to the point: the next project is a copy of supercomputer (actually it was super in the 70s) Cray-1 based on FPGA. The biggest problem – lack of software supporting it, to check if it really works like true. If you have any, you can help with testing it :)

Or – you can make your own Cray, if you wish :)

Magic glove

From time to time, in Arduino world there comes up a project, which is simply breathtaking. Everyone likes something different, but this thing is really sensible.

The glove

The glove and whole device asssembled (c)

At first glance you may think – another glove for VR or controlling some console.

Not exactly…

This is automatic sign language translator. Thanks to an accelerometer and flex sensors (tensometers) Arduino Mega is able to read the sign with Bayes filter. After that Arduino translates it to a text displayed on a LCD and synthesized using VoiceBox. Hats off.

You can read more here.

Arduino Shield List

While browsing links, which I collected during the weekend I noticed a intriguing site useful for everyone who utilizes Arduino.

I’m talking about Arduino Shield List, and the title perfectly describes, what it is – a collection of informations about shields – who manufactures, which pins are used for what, etc.

Observe it, even though the list isn’t yet completed, but when it will be, this might be excellent index of everything available for Arduino.