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Secret keylock – with Arduino

I’ve seen many electronic keylocks, but this project is probably unique :)

In a nutshell – Arduino listens to knocking on a door and, if you are knocking with a specific rhythm, then it unlocks the door. Along with this, a simple method of learning the new cipher and it’s finished :)

If someone is interested, the details can be found on ArduinoFun a blog – code, diagrams, etc.

SelFly – from the space by glider

SelFly is an interesting (IMO) project of an autonomic (with autopilot) glider which will, elevated to a high altitude (about 30 km) with a weather balloon return home on its own. Good base for further experiments.

All the more I was glad it’s Polish, domestic production :) . I hope the entire project will succeed. Maybe this success would encourage more people to implement their own (sometimes a little crazy, but by that fantastic) ideas.

And this information is here because what will control the glider? Of course – you have guessed – Arduino.