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Processing – interface on steroids

Everyone who become interested, will, rather sooner than later, stumble on the name Processing. Processing is the software on which Arduino IDE is based. But, it isn’t the only common thing.

At first – what is the Processing?

It’s a programming language (under an open source license) with IDE environment created for the people involved in electronic arts and visual design communities (by the Wikipedia).
More clearly? Just look over, for example Vimeo for tag processing.org. Or processing group on YouTube. Data visualization, multimedia experiments, etc. We are able to see, for example, train traffic in Melbourne:

Ebb and Flow of Melbourne Trains by Flink Labs from Flink Labs on Vimeo.

Exactly, and from where the data comes? Well, it might be from Arduino, whose sensors can provide quite a lot of various data to visualize

Now I will give a simple recipe how to use the Arduino and Processing to build … an oscilloscope :) . Oscilloscope is too much said – visualization of the voltage on a single analog input is better description.

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