tinyBrd – NRF24L01 radio connectivity in Arduino style

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All, most current and up to date documentation can be found on tinyBrd documentation page: https://starter-kit.nettigo.eu/tinybrd-documentation/ (since Mar 2016)

Previous content:

At Nettigo we did a lot work with NRF24L01. As a result we created small board, with ATtiny84 on board and connector for NRF24L01.


This board is Arduino IDE compatible (You program it using Arduino IDE, most commands are ported), we have prepared some easy to use library for most important tasks: radio communication, power save modes and more.

With easy to use software interface You can get in few minutes running remote sensor, sending data to central unit and in power save mode using only ~10µA! For example – DS18B20 sensor sending data to central unit each 30 seconds can work on two AA batteries few weeks.


We have prepared some Polish documentation, now we start to translate it to English:

  1. Install required software to Arduino IDE and on Raspberry Pi (optional): https://starter-kit.nettigo.eu/2015/tinybrd-getting-stuff-installed/
  2. Build minimalistic temperature sensor working weeks on single CR2032 battery: https://starter-kit.nettigo.eu/2016/wireless-temperature-sensor-programmed-with-arduino-ide/
  3. How to receive and send data on Arduino using NRF24L01 and tinyBrd Radio library: https://starter-kit.nettigo.eu/2015/using-tinybrd-library-on-arduino-to-connect-via-nrf24l01/