Magic glove

From time to time, in Arduino world there comes up a project, which is simply breathtaking. Everyone likes something different, but this thing is really sensible. At first glance you may think – another glove for VR or controlling some console. Not exactly… This is automatic sign language translator. Thanks to an accelerometer and flex […]

Galvanic isolation: optocouplers

For sure, you have heard the term galvanic isolation many times. In brief, it’s about separating the source of signal from the microcontroler in order to prevent it from unwanted and dangerous voltage spikes, while allowing to read the signal. Such a separation is provided by optocouplers. The optocoupler contains in common package both infrared […]

I2C in a slightly different way

In Arduino IDE there is Wire library available, supporting I2C protocol (you can read about it on Arduino pages, in irreplaceable Playground section). Todd Kurt wrote on his blog that he will make the code of a new library for I2C – SoftI2CMaster accesible through various projects related to BlinkM. How it differs from Wire? […]

Arduino Bluetooth on Ubuntu

Arduino Bluetooth – Arduino without USB port, with Bluetooth module instead. Ideal solution if wireless communication with Arduino is needed. At first – some differences to an ordinary Arduino Duemilanove. Arduino BT is based on ATmega168, so we have a little less memory at disposal. There is no USB port, so we have to power […]

Balancing robots – for dummies?

Balancing robots are those, which can maintain balance by themselves. And how it looks? For example like this. Author of the robot above began a interesting thread on Arduino forum: Balancing robot for dummies, where he promises to describe everything in a simple and aproachable way. If you are interested in this kind of robots […]

Temperature and LCD

In Nettigo recently appeared LCD kit for Arduino – it is 2×16 alphanumeric LCD with soldered connector fitting to a breadboard and 10 kΩ linear potentiometer for contrast regulation. The LCD module has HD44780-compatible controler, what means LiquidCrystal library will be able to handle it. How to connect it? Let’s begin from the code: #include […]