Arduino and time, or DS1307

Arduino hasn’t internal clock. It means some operations connected with time (delaying for specified interval) are possible, but date and time controlling isn’t so easy. To let Arduino know, what time is it exactly, there is external clock device needed. Such a device is Dallas DS1307, available on in form of Arduino-connectable module. This […]


If you visit this blog and you have an Arduino, you probably dreamed about building your own robot. The simplest perform easy commands (turn over, move). Things will become more complicated, if we want to build more standalone robot. The one, that would intelligently find a way to destination and avoid collisions. Sounds unreal? Of […]

Arduino’s eye, or about a photoresistor, not Tolkien’s mythology

Arduino’s eye – sounds like a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien, while it’s about connecting photoresistor to Arduino. With this article I would to begin short course dealing with basics of electronics. Photoresistor is a element whose resistance is dependent of amount of light falling on it. What only remains is to measure this resistance. In […]

LED diodes – how to flash and light

Recently there was silence on Starter Kit, because before holidays I was preparing to Bootstrap 9.4, what took most of my free time. Now, taking advantage of free day I’m making up for it. Previously, we were dealing with reading from external sensor (photoresistor). Now we will try to show this reading. We will use […]

How to measure temperature with Arduino and MCP9700

One of the sensors included in Arduino Starter Kit is a temperature sensor. It’s analog device which doesn’t need any additional elements to work (it’s exactly MCP9700-E/TO). So, briefly speaking, after connecting ground and power supply we are already able to measure temperature. On the sensor’s page in Nettigo shop there is PDF datasheet in […]