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Ultrasonic sensor comparison: HC-SR04, PING, Maxbotix

For many projects You will need to measure distance, let’s say You are building a robot and You don’t want to have it bouncing on the walls, aren’t You? One of the first ideas to get some orientation in surroundings is to use ultrasonic range sensor. We took three different sensors and do some basic checks to do ultrasonic sensor comparison.  Which one could be best for Your project?

Ultrasonic sensor comparison

Ultrasonic sensor comparison

We did tested: Seeedstudio SEN136B5B, HC-SR04 and MaxBotix MaxSonar EZ1 (MB1010).

How ultrasonic sensor does work? They are built from sound source and receiver – both can be separate devices or single one. Maxbotix has both integrated into one case, while two other sensor have separate sound source and receiver. Sound source emits sound impulse in ultrasonic range (usually 32 kHz) and receivers listens for echo. Knowing how fast sound is in air, from time we get an echo we can calculate how far from sensor object is located.

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