Using tinyBrd library on Arduino to connect via NRF24L01

Our tinyBrd has very simple and easy to use interface for NRF24L01 radio. This library was bundled with Nettigo tinyBrd Core, add-on for Arduino IDE to program tinyBrd. Now we have extracted it as standalone and can be used on Arduino UNO and other boards. Changes are minor, since we need to remove name conflict […]

Arduino YUN – how to get older system images

On  You can always find and download most recent Arduino YUN system image (firmware).  What to do, if You need older one? Older firmware for Arduino YUN First, You need to know which firmware You need. Browse all release notes on  GitHub. Knowing which one You need, insert revision number into link replacing XXX: […]

Serial port busy for avrdude on Ubuntu with Arduino Leonardo Eth

Doing test with new Arduino Leonardo ETH on Ubuntu (14.04) we had problem with programming this board: avrdude: ser_open(): can’t open device “/dev/ttyACM0”: Device or resource busy avrdude: ser_send(): write error: Bad file descriptor Problem uploading to board. See for suggestions. On Ubuntu (or other distro with ModemManager) ModemManager tries to connect to each […]

Debug sketch on Arduino Zero Pro with GDB and OpenOCD

Arduino is simple platform but empowers it’s users to do fantastic projects. People with experience in writing software for bigger computers can get strange feeling when they have no access to debugger. Debugger is tool for tracing program execution – You can examine/modify variables, going through code step by step and many more. In other […]

Ultrasonic sensor comparison: HC-SR04, PING, Maxbotix

For many projects You will need to measure distance, let’s say You are building a robot and You don’t want to have it bouncing on the walls, aren’t You? One of the first ideas to get some orientation in surroundings is to use ultrasonic range sensor. We took three different sensors and do some basic […]

Logging and converting float values to Strings on Arduino

In Arduino You can use String class, which can be used to create log messages. Often You need to add some numeric values in this messages. It can be simple as that code:   String cmd = “curl –data \”key=”+key;   for (int i=0;i<ARRAY_SIZE;i++) {     cmd = cmd + “&field”+ (i+1) + “=” + value[i];   }   cmd = cmd + “\””; You may recognize […]

Project: Using Arduino YUN to control things remotely

Arduino YUN is very interesting product. Mixing OpenWRT and Arduino in one board is effective. OpenWRT does things related to WiFi connectivity, Arduino YUN does interact with physical world, and standard Arduino library makes connecting both parts easy. Now we need some simple project to demonstrate how You can control things remotely with Arduino YUN […]