MTP40-F NDIR type CO2 sensor from MemsFrontier

CO2 level measurement is something You are asking about often. I’d like to add good CO2 sensor to NAM, however this not simple. Mainly because available sensors are focused on agricultural/industrial segments. You can find there much higher CO2 levels than atmospheric.

MTP40-F z Mems Frontier is one of newer sensors, with focus on air monitoring. More in ventilation systems than in environment monitoring, but first tests show it may be better than used earlier MHZ-14A.

First tests results are coming in:

First results

For now, it is indoor testing, we plan to test how they behave using pressure correction and self calibration. After few weeks we will do test in outdoor environment.

Test bed for sensors

In following weeks we also plan do some tests with new Sensirion and Infineon PAS (PhotoAcoustic Spectroscopy) based CO2 sensors.